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Tree Services


We are the team to come to for any tree care questions you may have. Just call and tell us about your concerns and we can set up a tree care consultation or give you a professional estimate on your services.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an economical and non-invasive method of tree stump removal. It involves grinding the stump down into wood chips, which can then be repurposed as mulch to protect the health of your soil.

Stump Removal Services

An unsightly stump can really take away from the beauty of an otherwise attractive lawn. If you are dealing with a stump you’d like removed, be sure to get in touch with Acevedo Tree Service.

Tree Removal Services

If there is one job that most homeowners in San Jose think that they can do by themselves only to find out that this just simply isn't the case, then it may very well be tree removal.

Tree Service

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Acevedo Tree Service is the authoritative source in Santa Clara for residential and commercial tree services. We offer fast turnaround times, superior customer service, and affordable pricing.

Tree Trimming

Offering a high-quality tree trimming service that is unrivalled in terms of quality, price or convenience, we can deliver real and lasting results for your yard that simply won't be beat.

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