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Tree Service

Your property and your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. For this reason and many more we know how important the maintenance and care of your trees truly are. For example, a weak limb on a tree near your house runs the risk of breaking, causing significant damage and potential injury to your family. A diseased tree can easily spread the infection to other plants and trees in your yard.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is much more important than most people realize. Skillful pruning will improve the aesthetic appeal of your trees, but is also necessary for maintaining their health and structural integrity. It has been proven that trees that are properly pruned live longer. Pruning is important because it spaces out the tree’s branches, allowing more air to circulate and helping to prevent the wind from tearing branches off. This allows the tree to continue growing in a healthy manner.

Trimming & Removal

When we have trees around our homes, it is sometimes necessary to trim them back or even remove a tree in order to prevent property damage. However, for large trees, this kind of maintenance can be very dangerous, as falling branches are heavy and sometimes unpredictable. If there is a tree on your property that needs trimming or removal, contact Acevedo Tree Service today and let the professionals handle it.

Emergency Tree Removal

Nature can be unpredictable, and you can’t plan ahead for when it catches you off guard. Winter storms can break branches or topple trees with improper pruning, and end-weight. Wind can tear branches or uproot an entire tree. That’s why Acevedo Tree Service offers 24-hour emergency tree and limb removal services. If a tree or limb falls on your property, you can’t always wait for days to get it removed, especially if it has damaged your home or property in the fall. We are available at just about any time in the case of an emergency we will be there when you need us.


There is no simpler way to enhance the beauty and elegance of a piece of property than to plant trees. Purchasing trees for your property is an investment in the future, as they only become more beautiful and impressive over time as they grow and age, and you will be enjoying them for years to come. However, the first step is to make sure that they are planted well so that they will be healthy and have the chance to grow. That’s where Acevedo Tree Service comes in.

Tree Health / Pest and Disease Management

There are obvious signs when a tree is having serious health problems – dead branches, wilting or faded leaves, bleeding sap. However, sometimes the only sign of a tree’s health problems is that it is not growing as well as it should. If you suspect that your tree is unhealthy, you should contact us. At Acevedo Tree Service, we can evaluate your tree’s health, and provide solutions to any problems it might have.

Stump Removal / Grinding

Do you have an unsightly stump on your property that you would like to get rid of? Acevedo Tree Service is a complete stump removal service, here to help the people of San Jose clear the stumps from their yards as efficiently as possible.