Stump Removal Services in San Jose

Do you have an unsightly stump on your property that you want to get rid of? Acevedo Tree Service is San Jose’s trusted tree company. We’ll help you remove any tree stump from your landscape quickly and efficiently without causing any additional damage to your property.

Our commitment to quality distinguishes us as local leaders in tree stump removal, meaning you can have faith that we will leave your landscape looking amazing.

We offer free quotes and no-obligation consultations. Call us today at (408) 628-7815.

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Full-Service Tree Removal

At Acevedo Tree Service, we do much more than removing stumps from your property—we make sure that the surrounding area is healthy too.

With a wide range of tree and stump removal equipment, our experts will be able to remove the stumps safely and efficiently. Our commitment to giving you a first-rate stump grinding service and quality customer care means that you can always count on us to provide:

  • Free quotes
  • Debris removal
  • Competitive pricing
  • Emergency service
  • Quick turnarounds

These are just a handful of the many ways we can serve you. We also offer a wide variety of tree services to help your property look the best it can. Call us today or explore our website to learn more about how we can bring life back to your landscape.

Professional Tree Grinder

Many people think that they are able to remove a stump from their property themselves. What they do not consider, however, is the potential damage they could cause to their property or belongings. Don’t leave anything to chance—put your trust in our well-versed and knowledgeable staff to remove your stump correctly and carefully. We have the best equipment for the job, ensuring that we do not inflict any additional damage to your property and that your landscape remains healthy and luscious.

Trying to uproot a tree stump can cause unpredictable damage to your property and infrastructure, while using chemical stump killers can damage your land and the environment. That is why our staff is highly trained in using our stump grinder and other commercial-grade equipment to chip away at your stump and remove it completely. We make sure that the stump and any remnants are gone, guaranteeing that the area will be clear when the job is done.

Friendly Stump Removal Service

At Acevedo Tree Service, we believe it is not enough to provide a first-rate tree stump removal service—we want to do it with courtesy. Our client-focused approach to our service means that we make sure to take your desires into account and address any concerns you may have. We work around your schedule and make sure that you are satisfied with the results. We don’t leave your property until the stump is fully removed, and your landscape is leveled and free of any sawdust or debris.

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We are proud to offer full-service stump grinding solutions that you can depend on. Our many satisfied customers will attest that our service is always courteous, efficient, and high-quality. Our superior work will make you forget the stump was even there in the first place.

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