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Residents of San Jose already know how blessed we are to live in a place with so many trees. Thanks to all the tree life in our city, we get to brag to any visitors that we live in one of the most beautiful cities in America. Despite the obvious esthetic value all the trees bring, living among so many trees also comes with a responsibility to take care of them. Of course, the average property owner in the San Jose area probably doesn’t have the necessary training or expertise to safely provide the maintenance and care to keep their trees healthy and hazard-free.

So, what are home and business owners in the San Jose area supposed to do when they suspect that the tree on their property isn’t in the best condition? Well, the number one thing they absolutely must do is resist whatever urge they have to take matters into their own hands because do-it-yourself tree care jobs almost inevitably end badly. This might be injury, irreversible damage to the tree or some other undesirable outcome. Either way, the worst-case scenarios can easily be avoided when you call (408) 628-7815 to speak with Acevedo Tree Service.

With over 30 years’ experience in the tree service industry, Acevedo Tree Service offers a wide range of different tree services to ensure the health and esthetics of the trees on your property. No matter what you need, if it’s tree-related Acevedo Tree Service can help for an affordable rate. Just call (408) 628-7815, tell us about what you need and we’ll be happy to provide with a free estimate on the tree services you require.

Acevedo Tree Service Can Help With Anything

Thanks to our three decades of professional experience, there is practically nothing we can’t help with, provided it is tree-related. Some of the more common services the people of San Jose ask us for include:

  • Tree Pruning. Proper pruning is essential if you want to eliminate the potential for hazards and promote healthy growth. Many species of trees only require minimal pruning over the course of their lifetime while others tree species need to be carefully manicured in order to realize its full potential. Thanks to our experience, our team has in-depth knowledge of how to make sure your tree is healthy and doesn’t pose a threat to any passers-by below.
  • Pest and Pathogen Control. Trees attract thousands of insect species and disease organisms. By and large, they can happily coexist, but it’s our job to know the difference between these and the insects and diseases which can severely damage or even kill your trees. With our help, we can detect, identify and treat your tree to maintain the health of your property’s green space.
  • Removal. If your tree is dead or dying, it can be a significant hazard to people, vehicles and homes in its vicinity. Acevedo Tree Service can efficiently remove dead trees.

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